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Centers of Distinction

LEADS @ Spelman

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The mission of LEADS at Spelman College is to develop and teach a leadership model based on the experiences of African American women leaders. Through innovative training and mentoring programs, LEADS develops Spelman students, women who have made “a choice to change the world,” into leading women who are leading change.

The Way We Work: LEADS Program Thrusts

LEADS accomplishes its goals through specific programs that prepare women to be effective leaders in a changing world:

LEADS Spotlight: Christina Whatley, C'2011

International Studies Major, Bonner Scholar, 2008-2009 Student Trustee, Spelman College Board of Trustees



For more information, contact:
LEADS @ Spelman | 350 Spelman Lane
SW Box 2021 | Atlanta, GA 30314
Office: 404-270-6069 | Fax: 404-270-6071 | leads@spelman.edu