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Continuing Education

Enrichment Programs

Ethel Waddell Githii Honors Program

The program provides a diverse set of opportunities for intellectually curious and highly motivated young women who genuinely enjoy exploring, discovering, and learning. They take special honors courses, form close intellectual and mentoring relationships with faculty members, and conduct independent research. Spelman women who participate in the program are inspired to become intellectually engaged and socially responsible, and to remain so throughout their lives.

Health Careers Program

The Health Careers Office serves as a repository of information for students interested in careers in the health professions. Students should register each year with the Health Careers Program to ensure access to information about professional schools, admissions requirements, financial aid, summer enrichment programs, and career options. The office also coordinates visits by recruitment personnel from various health professional schools.

Census Information Center

Census Information Center (CIC) is a cooperative program between the U.S. Bureau of the Census and 52 national, regional and local non-profit organizations, and represents the interests of underserved communities. The centers serve as repositories of census data and reports, making census information and data available to the public and the communities they serve.

Health and Physical Education Program

The Health and Physical Education Program at Spelman is designed to help students recognize the value of healthful living, activity and exercise as enhancements to physical, mental and emotional health. Students are encouraged to take advantage of a broad spectrum of educational experiences in swimming, bowling, tennis, and other individual, team and leisure-time activities.

Japan Studies Program

The Sumiko Takahara Japan Studies Program is an inter-disciplinary program that provides an opportunity for students to understand Japanese history and culture, and develop skills in the Japanese language. The program offers a Japan Studies Minor, and promotes experiential learning through an exchange program with Tsuda College, Summer School at Josai International University, an internship opportunity in the Japanese business community, and participation in Japanese cultural events.

Office of Science, Engineering, and Technical Careers (OSETC)

The Office of Science, Engineering and Technical Careers(OSETC) and the Freshman Success Program activities build upon the strengths and traditions of Spelman in order to broaden the human resource pool of scientists and engineers in the 21st century and beyond. Students are afforded numerous opportunities to succeed and accomplish their goals through hard work, maximized effort, and teamwork.

Spelman Independent Scholars Program (SIS)

Spelman’s Independent Scholars (SIS) Program is a two-semester independent, interdisciplinary and intergenerational learning experience open to students across all majors. The program allows the student to improve her oral history knowledge, and enhance her critical writing and thinking skills through weekly seminars and research.
SIS is housed in the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement: Trevor Arnett Building, 2nd floor.