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Enrichment Programs

Office of Science, Engineering and Technical Careers (OSETC)

Welcome to the Office of Science, Engineering and Technical Careers (OSETC) and the Freshman Success Program for students at Spelman College

The programs and activities of OSETC build upon the strengths and traditions of Spelman in order to broaden the human resource pool of scientists and engineers in the 21st century and beyond. Students are afforded numerous opportunities to succeed and accomplish their goals through hard work, maximized effort, and teamwork.


Technology prowess has become the measure of a nation's vigor. Yet, America faces a crisis in the global arena. In 2000, white males (traditionally the majority of our scientists and engineers) comprised only 15% of new additions to the work force. Almost 85% of the work force will be ethnic minorities and women.

Japan, West Germany and the Soviet Union already produce more scientists and engineers per capita than the United States. If we cannot rise to the challenge, America’s competitive position and its standard of living will suffer dramatically.

OSETC opened its doors in September 1991 to offer support in addressing this issue. It currently has the following as its primary objectives:

Provide career enrichment activities and counseling designed to enhance student self-confidence, interest, motivation, desire to achieve, and professionalism

Serve as a repository of information on science careers, graduate schools, internships, scholarships, employment opportunities and trends in the job market

Host visits of graduate school faculty and staff, as well as members in the corporate sector

Design, implement and maintain tracking systems for science and engineering undergraduate/graduate students

Develop research experiences and internships for undergraduate and graduate students

Coordinate the graduate school admissions process

Conduct seminars that enhance entry into graduate programs

Assist science departments with special discipline-oriented activities designed to promote academic success and graduate study

Consult with prospective employers, laboratories and graduate schools on the fundamentals of establishing internships and developmental programs with Spelman College

The primary requirements for Spelman student participation in the activities of OSETC are:

Must be willing to shoot for the STARS
Must be willing to accept help, praise and constructive criticism, and help others
Must be willing to participate in those activities which enhance their career growth and the goals of OSETC
Must be dedicated and determined

For information on Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunities please contact Erica Knight – Graduate Program Outreach Coordinator – Office of Career Planning & Development

Also, if you would like to participate in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fair ,which will be held on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, please contact Ms. Knight.



GRE Schedule
Spring 2010 TBD

 OSETC Contact Information
350 Spelman Lane
Atlanta, GA 30314
P.O. Box 1595

Retina Burton

350 Spelman Lane
Atlanta, GA 30314
P.O. Box 1595