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Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology at Spelman

Offering courses in social and cultural analysis, research methodologies, and social theory, the department of sociology and anthropology has ample resources which includes: a dedicated, active, professional faculty; computer facilities for classroom and individual use; cooperation with other departments in the Atlanta University Center; and a vast reservoir of internship and research possibilities in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

The department offers two majors and two minors: a B.A. degree in Sociology, a BA degree in Sociology and Anthropology for those who complete the anthropology concentration, a Minor in Sociology, and a Minor in Anthropology.

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The faculty in the department of sociology and anthropology bring to the classroom a wealth of experiences.

Having conducted research on a variety of topics in Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, and Liberia as well as in the United States, the faculty have published several books and many articles in professional journals such as: Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly, Crime and Social Justice, Contemporary Sociology, Gender and Society, Journal of Black Studies, Journal of Preventive Health, Labor History, Sage, Sociological Analysis, and The Urban League Review.

Faculty members also serve on national, regional, and local boards of colleges, professional organizations, and social service agencies in addition to being committed community volunteers.

Sociology and Anthropology and Women's Lives

How do societal definitions of "woman" vary across cultures? How does law deal with rape victims? What were the economic and social realities of African American women during Reconstruction? How do the writings of Angela Davis and Ida B. Wells-Barnett help us think about such contemporary issues as controversial rap music lyrics-or poetry in the inner cities?

The sociology and anthropology department at Spelman offers several courses for those who are interested in exploring the social realities of women. The courses range from one that focuses on the impact of law on gender and racial constructions to a course that looks at women's lives from a cross-cultural perspective.

The department offers courses which may be used to fulfill the women's studies/black studies course requirement of the College, and also has offerings for those who are interested in doing in-depth study of particular aspects of women's lives.


What Students Say:

"As the study of people and why they are the way they are, sociology and anthropology epitomize Spelman: We are all from very different places and different backgrounds."


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