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Biology at Spelman

The Biology Department educates Spelman students for productive lives as science literate citizens. 

We strive to be a dynamic learning community where students and faculty are engaged in the journey of learning biology through wide-eyed observation, rigorous scientific inquiry, and dedicated commitment to deep understanding of the living world around us.

The Biology Department engages students as thinkers and encourages the development of life long skills of investigation and knowledge construction.

Spelman biology students learn the skills of observation, experimentation, and analysis within a comprehensive student-centered curriculum that develops a strong conceptual foundation in biology and familiarizes students with modern experimental technologies.

The Biology Department is committed to preparing young women of African descent for graduate and professional studies in the sciences. 

Biology training as Spelman provides excellent preparation for students interested in advanced biomedical training or graduate studies in the sciences.

Our web site, like our curriculum, is currently under development and receives frequent updates. Please visit these pages again soon to learn more about biology at Spelman!





Spelman Receives HHMI Grant to Support Science Training

Spelman Biology Department Participates in National Science Education Experiment



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Howard Hughes

Department of Biology
Spelman College
350 Spelman Ln.
Box 1183
Atlanta, Ga 30314

Dr. Mark Lee,
Associate Chair

Science Center, Room 281
(404) 270-5718

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Biology Office:
Angela Taylor
Sr. Admin. Assistant
Science Center, Room 242A
(404) 270-5722
Fax: (404) 270-5725