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Academic Affairs

The Office of the Provost

Dr. Johnnella Butler
Rockefeller Hall, Room 112

What Role Does the Provost Play?

The Provost is the senior officer of the College responsible for the academic affairs of the institution. The Provost reports directly to the President and oversees the academic departments and programs, Office of Undergraduate Studies, Office of Research Resources, the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning, the Women's Research and Resource Center, the International Affairs Center, the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art, the Office of Science, Engineering and Technical Careers, the Health Careers Program, the Dual Degree Engineering Program, and athletics.

Specific duties and responsibilities of the Provost include: acting as chief adviser to the President and faculty on academic affairs; formulating educational policies, presenting them to faculty for consideration and to the President for approval; screening proposals related to academic programs and making recommendations to the Educational Policy and Planning Committee of the College, while calling the attention of the faculty to changing thoughts and practices in higher education, including the potential impact of new proposals on the programs of Spelman College; and studying the academic programs and academic work of the College.

In addition, the Provost is responsible for recruiting and orienting faculty; recommending to the President tenure, promotion or dismissal of members of the teaching faculty in conjunction with the Tenure and Promotion Committee; transmitting to the President, the budget recommendations for academic activities; representing the College at meetings of educational institutions and agencies of higher education; and assuming other administrative functions as assigned by the President.

Office of the Provost Staff

Executive Assistant to the Provost
Cynthia Hudson

Assistant to the Provost

Beverly Walker

Manager of Faculty Human Resources
Karla Williams

Database Processor/Administrative Assistant
Joya Marshall

Senior Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Dianne Whyte

Office of the Vice Provost


Dr. Myra Burnett

Rockefeller Hall, Room 112

The responsibilities of the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs include providing leadership in academic administration including policy formation, academic assessment, personnel decision-making, program management and supervision, faculty development, faculty governance, teaching and learning, and continuing education. In addition, the Vice Provost will provide supervisory leadership to program directors and provide leadership guidance and support to overall academic administration of the College. The Vice Provost reports to the Provost.

The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning (OIRAP)

Office of the Vice Provost Staff

Senior. Administrative Assistant to Vice Provost
Sonya M. Paul

Office of Research Resources


Dr. Carmen Sidbury
Science Center, Room 151

The Associate Provost of Research provides leadership for the cultivation of research capabilities at the College by securing gifts and grants from industry, government agencies, and public and private nonprofits.

Essential duties and responsibilities of the Associate Provost include: strengthening the infrastructure of policies and procedures that facilitate involvement of faculty in research and scholarship pursuits; establishing a coordinated system to improve efficiency in the use of research and research- related equipment; serving as a liaison to other campus units on matters related to research and research training; and facilitating research proposal development.

Research Programs

Sponsored Programs

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Internal Evaluation Services (RRPED)

Office of Research Resources Staff

Research Resources Program Assistant
Chandra Byrd Chambliss

Environmental Health and Safety Officer/Building Facilitator
Sheres Caines-McKenzie

Program Evaluation Coordinator
Lakesha Stevenson

Evaluation Assistant
Margaret Farrow

Laboratory Manager
Ericka Thomas

Core Lab Technician
Stacy Cephas

Shipping and Receiving Agent
Jonny Rudolph


Academic Affairs Organizational Chart (pdf)

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Faculty Development Opportunities

The Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning (OIRAP)

Research Programs

Sponsored Programs

Review Board (IRB)

Over 84% of full-time faculty have doctorates or the highest possible degrees in their specialties.

The student-faculty ratio is 12:1

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Provost to Serve on CBC Executive Committee

Johnnella E. Butler, Ed.D, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, has been invited to serve on the executive committee of the 21st Century Council of the Congressional Black Caucus Institute.