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Institutional Advancement

Institutional Advancement Staff

Office of the Vice President of College Relations

Eloise Alexis C’86
Vice President for College Relations
Extension: (404) 270-5040
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 204E
Email: ealexis@spelman.edu

Helga Greenfield
Associate Vice President for College Relations
and Director of Title III
Extension: (404) 270-6425
Office Location: Milligan, Office 2001A
Email: hgreenfield@spelman.edu

Daires Grant
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Extension: (404) 270-6426
Office Location: Milligan, Office 2001
Email: dgrant5@spelman.edu

Geneva Lane
Executive Assistant
Extension: (404) 270-5042
Office Location: Rockefeller, Room 204C
Email: glane@spelman.edu

Office of the Vice President for Development

Kassandra Jolley
Vice President for Development
Extension: (404) 270-5323
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 202C
Email: kjolley@spelman.edu 

Valerie Porter-Sparks
Executive Assistant
Extension: (404) 270-5127
Office Location: Rockefeller, Space 202D
Email: vporter4@spelman.edu

Office of Advancement Services

Angela Eyer
Extension: (404) 270-5052
Office Location: Milligan, Office 2001A
Email: aeyer@spelman.edu

Deirdre Graddick
Database Coordinator
Extension: (404) 270-5322
Office Location: Milligan, Office 2101
Email: dgraddick@spelman.edu

Phillip Henderson
Research Assistant
Extension: (404) 270-6036
Office Location: Milligan, Office 2103
Email: phender3@spelman.edu

Liane Sewell
Gift Processing Coordinator
Extension: (404) 270-5054
Office Location: Milligan, Office 2105
Email: lsewell@spelman.edu

Crystal Stevens
Sr. Research Analyst
Extension: (404) 270-5071
Office Location: Milligan, Office 2106
Email: csteven8@spelman.edu

Tracey Wilson
Research Analyst
Extension: (404) 270-5038
Office Location: Milligan, Office 2104
Email: twilso17@spelman.edu

Office of Alumnae Affairs

Sharon Owens, C'76
(404) 270-5082
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 205D
Email: sowens5@spelman.edu

Dineo Brinson , C'94
Associate Director
(404) 270-5049
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 205C
Email: dabrinson@spelman.edu

Alyson Dorsey, C’2002
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Extension: (404) 270-5048
Office Location: Rockefeller, Space 205G
Email: ashumpert@spelman.edu


Office of Annual Giving  

DeShanna Brown
Director of Annual Giving
Extension (404) 270-5128
Office Location: Rockefeller Hall, 203L
Email: dbrown56@spelman.edu  

Donna Gould
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Extension (404) 270-5046
Office Location: Rockefeller Hall, 200C

Jennifer Moore, C'2005
Annual Giving Officer
Extension (404) 270-5085
Office Location: Rockefeller Hall, 202H

Vickie Lee
Administrative Assistant
Extension (404) 270-6410
Office Location: Rockefeller Hall, 202

Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations

Shelese Lane
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Extension: (404) 270-5110
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 203G
Email: sjlane@spelman.edu    

Shana Chance
Corporate and Foundation Relations Officer
Extension: (404) 270-6427
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 203M
Email: schance@spelman.edu

Kristine Haskett
Development Writer

Office of Donor Relations

Stacey A. Lyons
Extension: (404) 270-5063
Office Location: Rockefeller, 203J
Email: slyons2@spelman.edu

Marsha Allen
Associate Director
Extension: (404) 270-5051
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 205KA
Email: mallen@spelman.edu

Althea Fulton
Extension: (404) 270-5062
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 203H
Email: afulton3@spelman.edu

Jihan Lang
Manager of Donor Events
Extension: (404) 270-6415
Office Location: Rockefeller, Space 204B
Email: jlang@spelman.edu

Office of Leadership Gifts

Joshua Humbert
Leadership Gifts Officer
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 203B
Extension: (404) 270-5057
Email: jhumbert@spelman.edu

Robert Jackson
Leadership Gifts Officer
Extension: (404) 270-5047
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 203D
Email: rjacks33@spelman.edu

Faye Ainsworth
Sr. Leadership Gifts Officer
Extension: (404) 270-5059
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 203F
Email: fainswor@spelman.edu

Michelle Harris, C'2002
Planned Gifts Officer
Extension: (404) 270-5037
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 203A
Email: mharris2@spelman.edu

 Office of Special Events

Heather Hawes

Heather Hawes, C'89
(404) 270-5068
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 202B
Email: hhawes@spelman.edu

Maya Rucker
Special Events Coordinator
(404) 270-5056
Office Location: Rockefeller, Office 202F
Email: mcody@spelman.edu

Office of Title III Government Relations

Cynthia Roberts
Program Coordinator
(404) 270- 5044
Office Location: Milligan 2202
Email: croberts@spelman.edu


Institutional Advancement Mission and Vision Statements


Spelman College
Office of Institutional Advancement
Box 1551
350 Spelman Lane, S.W.
Atlanta , GA 30314
(404) 270-5042

IA Fax Numbers

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