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Business & Financial Affairs

Grant Management

The staff in the Office of Budgets and Contracts generally provides technical contractual advice and the financial information necessary to effectively manage sponsored projects. Specifically , staff in the Office of Budgets and Contracts:
  • Review pre-and post– award budgets for compliance with grant terms and conditions
  • Prepare the award budget in accordance with the PI’s approved budget and the policies of the college; this will include establishing an internal budget code number fro the award in BANNER
  • Review and approve restricted expenditures for compliance with grant terms and conditions
  • Prepare financial reports as required by grantor
  • Review, process and approve budget adjustments including transfer of funds between line items
  • Request approval of payments for most sub-contracts
  • Approve payments to co-participants of sub-contract agreements
  • Inform Principal Investigator’s of recent budgetary guidelines posted by the federal government

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This page includes links to federal guidelines and policies governing expenditure of federal funds.

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It is our hope, that as we work together to successfully manage college and sponsored project funds, we will achieve the ultimate goal of providing our students with a wealth of resources. Resources which will enable today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders!