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Inter-Office Mail

Inter-Office mail consists of mail that is delivered via the Mail Center from one campus address to another campus address. To ensure proper delivery of inter-office mail, sender should designate the name and department of the faculty and/or staff to whom the correspondence is being sent. Including the box number will facilitate processing.

Student Internal Mail

Internal mail addressed to students must include the student's name and box number. Without exception, internal mailings to 25 or more students must be arranged in numerical box order and banded. Failure to do so may result in the mail being delayed or returned to sender.

Do not deposit Campus Mail in the U.S. Mail receptacle. A mistaken deposit could result in the complete loss of an item or a postal fee for its processing.

Individuals changing departments or locations should notify the Mail Center immediately by sending a note or e-mail to mailcenter@spelman.edu. Be sure to include the effective date of the change, the new and old department, and the new telephone number.

In an effort to maintain a current database, the Mail Center requests that departments notify us of any personnel changes.

How to Address Inter-Office Mail

Adhering to this simple format can minimize the delay, misdirection and loss of mail.

To send inter-office mail to students, include the student's name and mailbox number on the mailing. To send mail to faculty and staff, include the recipient's, department, and mailbox number on the item. If this information is not included, Mail Services cannot guarantee delivery but will attempt to return undeliverable inter-office mail.

Addressing Plain Envelopes: When sending internal mail in plain white envelops, print CAMPUS MAIL in the upper right corner to distinguish it from U.S. mail. This format will allow the Mail Center easily identify the envelop as campus mail. In addition, you should sort campus mail and outgoing mail into separate batches and secure each batch with a rubber band.

Addressing Inter-Office Envelopes: These envelopes are used repeatedly for in-house or internal mailings. When using inter-office envelopes, mark or blot out the previous addressee to ensure proper delivery to the intended recipient whose name should always appear on the last line. These envelopes should not be used for U.S. mailings.