09/22/14 10:25 PM

Office of the President

Trustees: Rose Harris Johnson, C’57

Rose Harris Johnson, C’57
B.A., Spelman College
M.Ed., National College of Education
Spelman College Board of Trustees: Elected in 2005
City of Residence: Evanston, Illinois

Rose Harris Johnson is an advocate for education, having taught at pre-school, elementary and high school levels for more than 30 years in Chicago Public Schools and Evanston Public Schools. Johnson received the Justin Wynn Leadership Award from the Justin Wynn Foundation in Leadership and was presented with the 2007 Alumnae Achievement Award by Spelman College. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors for Family Focus Auxiliary, Unity Church of the North Shore and Cherry Scholarship Foundation.

Thoughts on why she chose to serve on the Spelman College Board of Trustees: I believe in the power of education. My Spelman experience was transforming for me. My service on the Board of Trustees enables me to contribute to sustaining the challenging, yet nurturing situations at Spelman which assist in developing leaders of communities and the world.