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Giving to Spelman

Ways of Giving & FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About The Annual Fund Program

Q: Is my gift to the College tax deductible?

A: All contributions to Spelman College are tax deductible.

Q: Why is alumnae participation important?

A: The alumnae participation rate reflects the number of alumnae that give -- not the dollar amount of the gift. Your gifts are extremely important to the College. When corporations and foundations consider funding institutions they often look at the support of their alumnae body. The alumnae participation rate is also a factor in determining national college rankings.

Q: How are alumnae gifts counted?

A: An alumna gets credit for her gift as an individual and her class is automatically credited. The sum of all gifts is counted from July 1 through June 30, the College's fiscal year.

Q: Does my gift to an alumnae chapter and/or to the National Spelman Alumnae Association (NAASC) count towards my giving to the College?

A: Gifts and dues paid to NAASC are not counted as gifts to the College. In order to be counted as an alumnae donor, gifts must be made directly to Spelman College.

Ways of Giving

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

The EFT service authorizes a monthly debit from your bank account. To participate, click on EFT/RCC Authorization Form or contact the Annual Fund Office.

Credit Card

Spelman College accepts gifts using your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. To make a gift using your credit card click on Make Your Gift Now or contact the Annual Fund Office.

Check, Money Order or Cashier's Check (no cash, please)

Mail your check directly to: Spelman College, Annual Fund Office, 350 Spelman Lane, Box 1303, Atlanta, GA 30314.

Matching Gifts

Many businesses and corporations will match the individual charitable gifts of their employees, retirees, the spouses of employees, and in some cases, board members. Ratios for matching gifts can vary from one-to-one to five-to-one. Taking advantage of your company's matching gift program is a wonderful way to increase the impact of your gift to Spelman College.

For more information about your company's matching gift program, please contact your company's Human Resources Department.