09/18/14 9:53 PM

Giving to Spelman

Scholarship Acceptance Information

Each year, the Office of Donor Relations sends scholarship reports to donors of named scholarships.

The report includes a recipient profile and a hand-written thank you note from the recipient. These reports make it possible for the College to better steward our scholarship donors and encourages their continued financial support.

If you recently received notice from Financial Aid that you have been chosen to receive a scholarship for the current academic year, you are required to complete the following steps:

Step 1. Complete and submit the Scholarship Acceptance Agreement
Step 2. Complete the online Scholarship Recipient Profile Form, which includes:

a) Drafting a Thank You Note to the Donor
b) Uploading a headshot photo appropriate for donors to view

Please remember to have your 900# available

Step 3. Sign up for one of Thank You Note Writing Sessions to prepare a personalized hand-written note to the scholarship donor. (The contact information for the donor will be available, along with the draft you submitted).

Your compliance with these terms is a critical component to completing the financial aid process.

Your award will not be posted to your account until this process has been completed. The deadline for submitting the Scholarship Acceptance Agreement and Recipient Profile Form is Friday, August 12, 2011.