07/04/15 11:31 AM

Giving to Spelman

The Senior Legacy Gift Program

Attention all seniors, the Senior Class Council in collaboration with the Division of Institutional Advancement and SSGA, is affording every senior the opportunity to participate in The Senior Legacy Gift program.

The Senior Legacy Gift Program allows seniors to leave their legacy and help support their Spelman sisters who will follow in their footsteps.

All seniors are asked to participate in the program by making a contribution to Spelman College. The contributions will be designated to the President's Safety Net Fund, which supports students with financial need.






Spelman Donors
for Roll Call

Ms. Sephora Fortune

Ms. Samrawit Z. Ephraim

Ms. Courtney M. Francois

Ms. Perisha M. Wallace

Ms. Mia K. Harmon

Ms. Karmena J. Diggs

Ms. Candace E. Daniels

Ms. April A. Caddell

Ms. Alana M. Gerald

Ms. Sharell Howard

Ms. Kaneshia Lache Newell

Ms. Jamila N. Clay

Ms. Danielle M. Boyd

Ms. Kayla D. Buchanan

Ms. Zaneta T. Costen

Ms. LaWanda M. Johnson

Ms. Melissa E. Akinlawon

Ms. Maria S. Jones

Ms. Davida J. Campbell

Ms. Anajah M. McNish

Ms. Shayla A. Thomas

Ms. Whitney Benson

Ms. Roszina D. Scott

Ms. Sydney A. Walker

Ms. Alisha D. Caliman

Ms. Candice L. Brown

Ms. Jasmine A. Small

Ms. Khadijah A. Robinson

Ms. Natasha B. Ward

Ms. Michelle D. Honore

Ms. Cimone S. Philpotts

Ms. Meaghan M. Hill

Ms. Leslie M. Hunter

Ms. Kelli Dunson

Ms. Danielle N. Hannah

Ms. Aja K. Jacobs

Ms. NeAsa J. Johnson

Ms. Deborah T. Pyburn

Ms. Renita McKnight

Ms. Amanda R. Tyler

Ms. Courtney N. Moragne

Ms. Mechelle Dee Claridy

Ms. Alexandria T. Monroe

Ms. Jordan R. Murphy

Ms. Alexandra G. Raphael

Ms. Brittany M. Rhodes

Ms. Shirley Noel

Ms. Ariana A. Rainbow

Ms. Brittnee Thirkield

Ms. Tashika L. Rosario

Ms. Meghan C. Risper

Ms. Kristen A. Haley

Ms. Ranchaela H. Ward

Ms. Ashley T. Walton

Ms. Alicia Enitan Bello

Ms. Bridget A. Peters

Ms. Kioceaia S. Stenson

Ms. Jana Williams

Ms. Shantale M. Williams

Ms. TaShawna Harrell

Ms. Candice M. Manier

Ms. Edna M. James

Ms. Jessica L. McGroom

Ms. Chancella M. Richardson

Ms. Mea Boykins

Ms. Danielle M. Crafter

Ms. Nadia D. English

Ms. Krystina R. Johnson

Ms. Amanda Scott

Ms. Vivian L Aguayo

Ms. Alexis Arnette

Ms. Millicent I. Bright

Ms. Mahaya A. Clark

Ms. Alesha L. Cooke

Ms. Megan D. Copening

Ms. Christina E. Ghant

Ms. Asya J. Jones

Ms. Gabrielle A. Richards

Ms. Nakeita D. Stewart

Ms. Brittani D. Thomas

Ms. Briana Baxter

Ms. Sean N. Fling

Ms. Melissa M. Grant

Ms. Jasmine J. Hargrove

Ms. Shayna Johnson

Ms. Kenecia K. Kinler

Ms. Tiana R. Penney

Ms. Cecily E. Pouncil

Ms. Karlesha G. Roland

Ms. Shanae T. Smith

Ms. Brittany A. Fields

Ms. Brittaney J Bethea

Ms. Alysha M. Griffin

Ms. Ashley D. Jordan

Ms. Evesha K. Kenlyn

Ms. Nicole Fraise

Ms. Jasmine D. Jordan

Ms. Sharon J. Boose-Sheppard

Ms. Daria E Burgess

Ms. Lola F. Bolaji

Ms. Kadria Raynelle Scott

Ms. Terrahney Q. Wilson

Ms. Bridgette M. Jones

Ms. Jessica D. Clay

Ms. Kaitlynn S. Robinson-Ector

Ms. Maya J. Williams

Ms. Pilanda McDougald

Ms. Jasmine Napier

Ms. Aisha Faith Garcia

Ms. Michelle E. Reid

Ms. Sasha D. Mills

Ms. Jai Brown

Ms. Tamika L. Hunter

Ms. Shatika L. Duncan

Ms. Latoya R. Bennett

Ms. Barbara Noble

Ms. Gavyn T. Pickens

Ms. Frances R. Clay

Ms. Darrina R. Willis