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You Are Invited to Attend the
History and Traditions Convocation
Thursday, April 5, 2012
11 a.m.
in Sisters Chapel

Hosted by:
Spelman’s Independent Scholars (SIS)
The SIS-in-LEADS Oral History Project


Highlights of a decade of intergenerational bonding between African American women elders and Spelman students, including:

Oral History interviews in
Albany, Newton, and New Orleans

Global research in
Ghana, Jamaica, Benin and Togo, and the Bahamas

A Spelman student interview with an alumna elder

Presentation by EDELIEGBA
the Senior Dance Ensemble
H.J.C. Bowden Senior Multipurpose Center
Director / Choreographer: Mrs. Theresa Howard

SIS 2011



What People are Saying About SIS:

"Priceless! Invaluable! That's how I would sum up my experience as a Spelman Independent Scholar. What an honor to be part of a revolutionary project that tells Black women's stories and gives us voice!"
Taneya Gethers, Writer/Communications Coordinator Brooklyn Public Library

"SIS is the kind of experience I wish every student of every ethnicity and gender could have. What better way to learn about the history and future direction of our country than to listen to African American women whose lives are rich testimonies of courage."

AeuMuro Lake, medical student University of Kentucky College of Medicine


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Wisdom does not come overnight.
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Their Memories,
Our Treasure

The Elders on thePresidential Election

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For More Information
about SIS,
Dr. Wade Gayles
Founding Director of
the SIS Oral History Project and
Faculty Mentor
for Spelman's Independent Scholars

(404) 270-5565

SIS is housed in the Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement: Trevor Arnett Building, 2nd floor.