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Current Students

OSA - Greek Forum

Any student interested in joining a sorority at Spelman College must participate in Greek Forum. Greek Forum is held by the Office of Student Life & Engagement to educate interested Spelman Students about Greek Life, general Greek Life Education and policies, and give information about the membership intake process.

Students desiring to participate in the membership intake process (pledging) must sign a Greek Interest Release Form and submit to the Office of Student Life & Engagement at the time of Greek Forum.

Greek Forum will be offered once during the Fall and Spring Semester.

Fall 2010- September 25, 2010
10am, Sisters Chapel

Spring 2011- February 26, 2011
10am, Sisters Chapel

After Greek Forum, the Office of Student Life and Engagement will verify the following:

  • Financial Status with Spelman College
  • Judicial Standing with Spelman College
  • Academic Eligibility (You must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the time of Greek Forum)

Students wishing to participate in the intake process must have all of the following criteria:

  • Have completed 12 or more credit hours at Spelman College
  • Have attended the Greek Forum
  • Have completed all appropriate applications and processes to be eligible

Spelman students who are currently on exchange at other institutions must be able to participate in all intake activities in order to be eligible.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to attend Greek Forum! What should I do?

Excused absences for missing Greek Forum include a death in the family, severe illness, or studying abroad. All of which must be documented. Please re-schedule any other commitments such as work and other similar commitments. Other conflicts will be handled on a case by case basis by the Office of Student Life and Engagement staff.


Can I come talk to the Office of Student Life and Engagement staff about how to get into a particular sorority?

The Office of Student Life and Engagement can only give general information about ALL sororities, not personally counsel any student about any particular organization. All decisions about membership are left solely up to the organizations. The Office of Student Life and Engagement has no bearing on their decisions.

What should I wear to Greek Forum?

The attire is business causal unless otherwise specified.