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Afton LaneOn Saturday, April 14, Afton Lane, C'2013, captured the coveted title of Miss Spelman College 2012-2013.

During the ceremony, Lane, an English major, discussed her platform, "There’s no I in TEAM but there is a ME!"

As an ambassador for the College, Lane will attend special events, speak to high school students, serve as a guest panelist on forums, and engage in community service projects.

Lane and her court are currently planning events for the 2012-2013 academic year that relate to their respective platforms.

Juniors Lyricc Jackson, a theater arts major, and Jordan Harris, an English major, will both serve as first and second attendants to Lane.

Lyrric JacksonJordan Harris

The Spelman Women Who Competed Include:

Kyla Gaines
Contestant One: Kyla Gaines

Danielle Wilkins
Contestant Two: Danielle Wilkins

Kayla Conti
Contestant Four: Kayla Conti

Anjelica Webster
Contestant Five: Anjelica Webster




Miss Spelman 2011

Miss Spelman 2011-2012


Raavan EvansMiss Spelman 2011
Raavin Evans

Platform: United We Love: Giving our Hearts to the Homeless
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Classification: Junior
Major: Political Science

Deloris WilsonFirst Attendant
Deloris Wilson

Platform: "STOP Traffick!! A Campaign to End Child Sex Slavery"
Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Classification: Junior
Major: Political Science

Margaret Armoo-DanielsSecond Attendant
Margaret Armoo-Daniels
Platform: The Choice: International Service
Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts
Classification: Junior
Major: Sociology


Miss Spelman serves as an ambassador to Spelman College, in which she may be asked to represent the college to perspective students and parents, as well as donors, and external constituents.  Miss Spelman carries herself in a manner that enhances the image of the College.  Miss Spelman College travels throughout the year to engage in personal appearances throughout the state.  Ideals that Miss Spelman & Her Court hold dear are: Academic Excellence, Ethical Leadership, Appreciation of diverse cultures, and Commitment to positive social change.

Miss Spelman & Her Court also host events on the Spelman campus throughout the Fall and Spring semester.  Recent events included "Get me Bodied" panel discussion on body image, First Annual Miss Spelman Tea during Homecoming, Rally for Presidential Candidate Barak Obama, "Brother your appreciated" event for Morehouse and Clark Atlanta students, and Spelman sports rally.

Mr. Blue & White and His Court

Mr. Blue and White & His Court serve as the kings of Spelman College. They represent the ideals of the young women who attend this illustrious institution. The court consists of gentlemen from the Atlanta University Center that aim to promote Spelman College and all it stands for.

During their reign of service, Mr. Blue and White & His Court serve jointly with Miss Spelman & Her Court in several philanthropic and educational endeavors. Mr. Blue and White & His Court also produce programs on its own that benefit the Spelman College community.