07/30/15 6:19 AM

Physical Education

Goals & Objectives


The goals of the program in health and physical education are (1) to provide the student with broad and sound educational experiences in the areas of swimming, bowling, tennis, and other individual and team activities that are an important part of the cultural life of America; (2) to cultivate positive health knowledge and attitudes; (3) to provide opportunities for the acquisition of knowledge and skill development; (4) to provide opportunities for healthful physical activity and exercise.


Specifically, the program in health and physical education will enable students to:

  1. Exhibit a level of proficiency consistent with completion of the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level of swimming, tennis, or other physical activity (depending on the studentís entry levels).
  2. Demonstrate skills appropriate to participation in selected physical activities as leisure-time or recreation activities.
  3. Recognize the value of healthful living and healthful activity and exercise as enhancements to physical, mental and emotional health.

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