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Current Students

Community Partners (BOCSSD)

Spelman College strives to create positive social change for our communities by partnering with nonprofit organizations, elementary schools, and all who seek to better serve the common good of our society and world.

We encourage you to check our Web site often for updates and opportunities to connect with Spelman's students from the Bonner Office of Community Service and Student Development.

Here you'll find information on:

How to Recruit Volunteers
Things to Consider when Recruiting
Community Partner's Manual

Community Partner Process

The process to becoming a Community Partner is simple. Provided below are six easy steps for you to follow. We value your partnership and want to provide you with the best support and process in order to ensure you are able to create the same for our students.


  1. REGISTER through Volunteer Solutions.

  2. SCHEDULE a Wednesday recruitment session on campus for new student volunteers.
    • Campus recruitment sessions may take place on Wednesdays only from 11:00AM to 2:00PM .

  3. READ Community Partner Manual.
    • Partners will receive a manual at their Wednesday recruitment session from the BOCSSD.

  4. CONDUCT scheduled training's and orientations with new student volunteer.
    • The BOCSSD will provide assistance in obtaining on-campus training rooms. Please contact the BOCSSD at least ten (10) business days prior to your expected orientation/training. Training's/Orientations are held on Wednesday’s only, starting no later than 4:45PM. You can fax a copy of your agency’s scheduled orientation and training's to 404-270-5308 or email it to our Service Intake Assistant at knugent@spelman.edu.

  5. REVIEW Community Learning Agreement, SIGN , RETURN appropriate copy with student volunteer and keep a copy on file. (This is to be done by the Site Supervisor. The CLA form is a triplicate form can be obtained from the BOCSSD)
    • Job descriptions should be filled out in detail by the Site Supervisor.
    • A copy should be kept on file by the Site Supervisor for reporting purposes. The BOCSSD conducts an End of Semester Evaluation in which the CLA information will be needed.***

Ideas to Consider before Utilizing Student Volunteers

1.  Academics are first priority. Spelman’s academic schedule differs from most organizations' work schedules; therefore, please be mindful of the student's class schedule. For your convenience you may view Spelman’s academic calendar.

2. Communicate your needs for your organization. While students are not employees of your organization, it is imperative that you inform your prospective volunteer of your values, standards and commitment required.

3. Transportation
Transportation is provided to and from pre-determined service sites via the College’s Community Service Van for students committed to long-term service. Students are asked to submit Van Reservation Request Forms five (5) business days in advance. The Van Reservation Request Form are located on-line through Volunteer Solutions. You can download a copy of our Van Schedule here. Students’ requests will be considered provided the request does not conflict with the pre-existing schedule.

Community Partner's Manual (pdf)