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Current Students

Spelman Women Who Serve

* To receive updates on upcoming service activities, text SERVICE to 25827 right now*

Hunger. Homelessness. Health disparities. You hear about the inequalities that exist in our world everyday. So, what are you going to do about it?

The Bonner Office of Community Service and Student Development offers services that connect you to the community so that you can contribute to the creation of positive change in our society.

But before you go out and make a change, register on www.volunteersolutions.org/spelman

Interested in starting your own project? Download a few ideas we would like to recommend (PDF.)

It is through this website you can SEARCH for a project and LOG and SUBMIT your community service hours.

Community Service Credit

Spelman College requires all first and second year students to perform 6 hours of community service each semester.

Before you start your service, you must register on www.volunteersolutions.org/spelman You can SUBMIT and have your volunteers hours APPROVED through this website.
Please note the following guidelines apply to ALL forms (NO EXCEPTIONS):

  • Agency/Organization must hold a 501 ( c ) 3 tax status.
  • All service must be performed outside Spelman’s gates (of campus) but within the Metro Atlanta area.
  • Hours reflecting less than required number of hours (refer to hourly breakdown above), or are incomplete will not be approved.
  • Students that do not copy original forms and attachments forfeit their hours in the event of a misplaced form.
  • Late hours will not be accepted. Please check the Community Service Calendar to view the current deadline dates.

    Community Services Hours Q&A (PDF)

Can’t find a service site that fits your schedule? Check out what service opportunities are available through the Super Service Series. It’s a great way to serve and socialize with your Spelman sisters!


  • You’ve answered the call to service
  • You’re committed to serve
  • But, how can you create change without a ride?

The Bonner Office provides a couple of transportation options:

  1. Community Service Shuttle Van
    The Service Shuttle only services select nonprofit organizations that are in reasonable distance of the College. Prior to scheduling your visit, please review the Shuttle Service
    schedule to determine if your service site is listed.
  2. Marta
    Marta Breeze Cards are available to Spelman students who actively volunteer a minimum of 5 hours a week. For those eligible for this incentive, you will need to register on-line through Volunteer Solutions . Obtain your Marta Breeze Cards 1 week prior to your scheduled service.

    For more information regarding student service transportation please contact the Community Service Coordinator at 404-270-5315.