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Campus Safety

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Safety on a College Campus

Maintaining safety on a college campus is a nationwide concern. While Spelman is protected with a 24 hour, 7 days-a- week public safety patrol, Being alert and aware at all times is the best method of defense, and knowledge will help students with personal safety.

Please adhere to the following steps residents can take to ensure safety for themselves and their fellow Spelman sisters:

  • Do not leave room doors unlocked
  • Do not prop open front doors to buildings or let anyone without a key
  • Do not allow males into the building if they are not your visitor and have not been properly signed in during visitation hours
  • Report persons excessively loitering around the building immediately to Public Safety
  • Do not give friends your room key. Be sure to keep your keys in a safe place to prevent misplacing them
  • Do not walk alone after dark, and whenever possible, travel in groups
  • Communicate with your roommate. Let your roommate know where you are going, and with whom you are traveling. Establishing a buddy system is vital with regards to personal safety. Also, talk to your roommate about personal safety concerns you may have.

For more information on safety at Spelman, please visit the Spelman College Department of Public Safety

404) 525-6401