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The Code of Community Standards and Conduct

The Code of Community Standards and Conduct promotes academic achievement and a tradition of excellence regarding student behavior and citizenship. The basic philosophy underlying the conduct standards is respect for persons, property of others, and campus community standards. While intellectual growth and positive citizenship are promoted and encouraged, the College also strives to ensure that acceptable standards of behavior are communicated to, understood, and upheld by the women of Spelman College.

General Policy

Student and student organizations' conduct on the College premises or at College-sponsored events are subject to College disciplinary action. The College may enforce its own disciplinary policies and procedures when a student or student organization directly, seriously, or adversely impairs, interferes with, or disrupts the overall mission, programs, or other functions of the College.

Disciplinary proceedings may be instituted for students or student organizations that have allegedly violated the Code of Community Standards and Conduct policies and procedures in the Spelman Student Handbook. The proceedings are conducted in a manner that ensures fairness and is not restricted by the rules of evidence governing criminal and civil proceedings. Spelman, as a private institution, is not required to maintain "due process" as defined for public institutions. However, the process must be fair and reasonable and not arbitrary or capricious.

The entire conduct process is educational rather than punitive and is based on student development theory models and principles. The College may, at its discretion, choose to investigate and rectify violations of Spelman policy in a manner not specified in the Spelman Student Handbook.

Each violation of the Code of Community Standards and Conduct or any other College policy, procedure, or regulation is handled on a case-by-case basis. The action taken depends entirely upon the severity of the violation, the extent of the student's involvement, her intent, her disciplinary record, her attitude, and any other factors relevant to the specific situation. More than one disciplinary measure may be imposed for a single infraction. At its discretion, the College may choose to impose different sanctions.

Students and student organizations in violation of the rules, regulations, and/or policies of the College face sanctions ranging from a reprimand to expulsion from the College. Spelman students and student organizations also are expected to comply with all federal, state, and local laws and may be subject to both College and criminal penalties for violations of the law.


Prohibited conduct - from possessing alcohol to academic dishonesty

Student Protests
The responsible expression of your views

The Judicial Process
What happens when you are reported

Sanctions, Conditions, and Restrictions
What happens if you are found responsible

Appeal Procedures
How to appeal a decision

Judicial Committees
Who makes the rules and conducts the hearings