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Current Students

Office of Housing & Residence Life

Community Engagement

RHA-(Please have page with the following text on it)
“Student leadership and engagement are the hallmarks of residential living. The hall governance structure is designed to help students develop their skills as leaders. RHA, Hall Council, and Upper Class Advisory Boards are student lead organizations that address student concerns and plans student activities in the residence hall. Each building has its own Hall Council and/or Advisory Board of elected resident leaders for the year. Members of each respective advisory board are also members of the larger campus wide Residence Hall Association”

SIH-(Please have page with the following text on it)
“Create Your Community-Beginning with Housing Selection 2009, on –campus residents will have the opportunity to join with sisters of like minds, passions, and/or organizations to live in purpose-filled communities within the residence halls. Groups of students who submit proposals and program curriculum for their topic of interest will be considered for selection as one of Housing’s “Create Your Community” special interest housing communities.
Established in 20008, the Diversity and Social Justice Wing (DSJW) is a themed community which focuses on bringing a group of students together to educate the community on the issue of diversity and social justice. This 14 member community will be housed in LLCII.”

First-Year and Second-Year Success Programs (FYSP & SYSP)
“Beginning Fall 2009 Residence Life staff will work closely with first year and second year students to support students through upperclass matriculation by providing a “beyond the classroom” extension of learning in the areas of professional/career development; cultural exploration and exposure; personal and social competence and more. Our staff will work closely with all residents to academically advise, set goals, and develop the free-thinking Spelman woman.”

Living & Learning Communities

Spelman students’ learning experiences extend beyond the classroom. The Honors Program includes extracurricular components that enhance the educational experiences of its participants. Honors students have the opportunity to participate in a number of special activities including lectures, workshops, and cultural events. Therefore, first-year Honors students are housed together on the second floor in the Stewart Living Learning Center (LLC I). This accommodation is only guaranteed for first year students.

The Bonner Scholar Program seeks to transform the lives of students as well as their campus and local communities by providing access to education and opportunities to serve. The Bonner Scholars Program is designed to heighten the overall education a Scholar receives by asking the student to engage in ongoing service work and helping them develop the tools and the knowledge necessary to make that work meaningful and lasting. Participants in the Bonner Program are housed on the third floor in the Stewart Living Learning Center (LLC I). This accommodation is only guaranteed for first year students.

This living and learning community is designed for first-year women in the sciences. It provides future scientist and engineers the opportunity to network with each other in the classroom and beyond. This experience begins with a summer program where participants meet their mentors, get to know each other, and start to get acclimated to Spelman College and its rich legacy. First-year participants of this program are assigned to the Stewart Living and Learning Center (LLC I) with the goal of enhancing academic success and providing positive experiences as they live and study with others that share a common
interest. This accommodation is only guaranteed for first year students.

The WISDOM program, a “by invitation only” living and learning community, serves to provide a holistic educational experience that nourishes the spiritual and ethical development of a new generation of Spelman women who are prepared to be faithfully committed, morally grounded and civilly conscious leaders, serving the church, the community and the world. WISDOM members are housed exclusively in the Bessie Strong residence hall. Membership is limited to 10 residents per academic year.

This “exclusive” 8 member program of certified BACCHUS and GAMMA Peer Educators are dedicated to educating Spelman women and teens in the surrounding community around issues of HIV/AIDS, STDs, breast cancer, nutrition andfitness, teen pregnancy prevention and other women's health issues. SHAPE members are extensively trained to serve as a campus resource. PEPers, also a part of BACCHUS and GAMMA Peer Educators, are women who are selected for their interest and activism in promoting the emotional and mental health of their peers. Students accepted into the SHAPE and PEPers program live in the 8 single rooms located MacVicar residence hall. Interested students should contact the Health Services Department.

Created in 2008, the Diversity & Social Justice Wing, a 14 member community is housed in LLC II. DSJW focuses on bringing a group of residents together to educate the community on issues of diversity and social justice.

Each student is required to complete an on-line Housing Application regardless of classification or membership in a program.