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Current Students

Student Rights & Responsibilities

Every Spelman student has certain freedoms and rights within the academic community. Students, faculty, and administrative personnel share Spelman College's responsibility for creating and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to these freedoms and rights.

Access to Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 requires educational institutions to adopt guidelines that allow students access to their educational records and prohibits access by non illegible persons. All offices and staff members responsible for student records must take steps to ensure the confidentiality of a student's educational records.

A student's right of access to her educational records includes the right to inspect and review the contents of her educational records, to obtain copies of these records (if created at Spelman), and to receive an explanation or interpretation of these records. A student also has the right to a hearing if she wishes to correct or amend her records.

Records may be inspected only at the office responsible for maintaining the particular record in question. Each office has established its own access procedures, which may include a written request from the student.

The following records are excluded from student access:

  • Financial records of parents and any information contained in them.
  • Confidential letters or statements of recommendations written prior to January 1, 1975.
  • Personal medical and psychiatric treatment records prepared and used solely in connection with the treatment of students. Such records will be made available to other physicians upon the student's request.
  • Personal notes kept by faculty members, deans or counselors for their own use in their individual capacity, and which are kept in their own personal files.

When consent is required, it must be in writing, signed and dated by the person giving consent, and shall include

  • Specification of the record to be released;
  • Reason for the release; and
  • Names of parties to whom the record is to be released.

The student may have access to her records, and a record will be kept of the parties who have received access to her record.