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Current Students

Sisters Center for WISDOM


WISDOM: Women in Spiritual Discernment of Ministry

Spelman College Sisters Chapel has moved forward into this new millennium with both a renewed sense of mission to the religious and spiritual legacy of our founders and a broader understanding of service to diverse faith communities, the African Diaspora, the nation and the world. Now more than ever, the need to encourage young women of African descent to anchor their creative genius, intellect, and ethical leadership potential in the Holy Other is crucial.

In college, there is a stirring of the mind and a stirring of the spirit; a longing and passion to fulfill the purpose for which you were created. Questions abound; and young adults want answers. Research shows that college students want to engage questions of meaning and purpose and live a life connected to a greater power.

Sometimes students live their life disconnected from authentic selfhood, not knowing how to prevent peer pressures, relationships, and family tensions from interfering with their ability to hear the voice of their deeper self. The many voices of identity call college students to what may sometimes feel like a fragmented life, but God calls you to a life of wholeness and purpose.

The Sisters Chapel WISDOM Center endeavors to create a safe space, a community of sisters where Black female college students explore leadership, scholarship, gender specific issues and vocation – “that place where your deepest joy meets the world’s greatest need.”

We seek to encourage a community in which the voice of vocation comes forth from an interior place and speaks to the hearts and minds of Spelman women in deeply meaningful ways. Through engaging in critical reflection, community discourse, Black women's literary work, womanist scholarship and community service, Spelman students become eager to engage the life of the mind and the life of the spirit in a process of discovering true purpose.

As young women, WISDOM participants are encouraged to seek academic excellence in a supportive environment. They examine the myths and stereotypes that have sociopolitically and spiritually oppressed women and discover the intersection between spirituality, advocacy and community service.

Through the academic study of religion, they are personally challenged to broaden their understanding of religion while growing in faith and wisdom. The WISDOM Center is a women's place to explore and give voice to Black spirituality, ethical leadership potential, advocacy, moral agency and righteous noise.

Student Development and Leadership Training
Through the newly established Sisters Center for WISDOM, Sisters Chapel with the support of the Lilly Endowment Inc.,
now offers a range of student development and leadership training programs, including scholarships, internships, mentoring opportunities and vocational reflection forums.
(Photo: WISDOM staff and students with Rev. Jesse Jackson)

Faculty and Staff Development
For faculty and staff members, the WISDOM Center offers professional development grants, supports interdisciplinary curriculum development and sponsors educational forums through the Sisters Chapel Distinguished Lecture Series.

Community Outreach
Community outreach and networking opportunities through our dynamic vocationally and culturally based mentoring program, lecture series and faith-based collaborations provide a critical international and global infrastructure for sisters of African descent to connect spirit, religion and vocation.