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The Atlanta region enjoys a concentration of colleges and universities matched by few U.S. metropolitan areas. ARCHE brings them together to build awareness of their collective scope, impact and value and to help them share strengths through cooperative programs.

Nineteen public and private colleges and universities comprise the membership of ARCHE. The diversity of programs, world-class faculties, state-of-the-art facilities, and collective resources of ARCHE member institutions make the Atlanta region one of America's leading centers for higher education.

Our work is targeted toward strengthening public support for higher education, promoting economic and community development, and advancing the Atlanta region as a smart place to live, learn work and play.

ARCHE also offers cooperative programs  – such as library sharing and cross registration for courses – that help our member institutions share their academic strengths and expand opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

Founded in 1938, ARCHE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Contact information at Spelman College:

Ms. Helene Moon
Office of the Registrar
Packard Hall Room 204

Mr. David Booze
Office of the Registrar
Packard Hall Room 203

Dr. Frederick Fresh
Office of the Registrar
Packard Hall Room 206

ARCHE cross registration application
ARCHE homepage (http://arche.org/)