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Current Students

Frequently Asked Questions



Dropping and Adding Courses During Registration

Students may drop and/add courses or change sections (during the period specified in the academic calendar) by picking up and completing a drop/add card from the registrar office.
Please Note: Signatures of your major advisor and course instructor are required.

Auditing Courses

Students may audit courses after receiving permission from the Academic Dean and the Department Chair. Full-time students may audit a course without charge. Part-time students, or other individuals not matriculated at the College are required to pay the established fee per credit hour. (Contact the Office of Student Accounts at (404) 270 –5212.

Changing your Address

A student may complete and submit a change of address form directly to the Registrar’s Office, or, she may change her address online. Address changes and verifications should be submitted by the last day of arena registration each semester.

Please Note : If there are no changes, the Registrar’s Office will continue to use the current address(es) on file.

Changing your Address on the Web

From the Student Menu:

  • Click on UPDATE ADDRESS(ES) AND PHONE(S) – please view, if OK exit
  • Click on CURRENT to make changes to the address type you chose
  • Select TYPE ADDRESS to insert

NOTE : (1) The pound sign [#] is NOT to be used in any data field, (2) punctuation is not used in any data field except prefix and suffix fields, (3) all data entered into a data field should be typed using title case using standard capitalization rule, (4) never use all upper or all lowercase letters.

Cross Registration

Spelman students may cross-register during the drop/add period for courses at any of the institutions in the Atlanta University Center . Students can do this by completing the appropriate form and securing the necessary signatures. Cross registration is a privilege and not a right; therefore, a host institution can limit the number of students in any course. Students must have permission from their department chair to cross-register for classes.

Good Standing

In order to maintain good standing students must:

1. Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 “C”;
2. Earn the minimum number of credit hours required for her academic classification;
3. Complete 75% of the credit hours attempted;
4. Earn a minimum cumulative GPA with an average of 2.0 or “C” in major and cognate courses;
5. Abide by the student code of conduct;
6. Honor all financial obligations to the College.


If a grade is:
- missing from your transcript
- recorded incorrectly on your transcript or
- recorded as an Incomplete “I”

Contact your instructor to find out why and have him/her submit the grade to the Registrar’s Office.

Please Note : 1) Unsatisfactory attendance, outstanding assignments, tests; exams and other discrepancies will affect your grade. 2) Please be sure also to honor all arrangements made with your instructors to ensure that your correct grade will be submitted. 3) The registrar’s office will not be held accountable for grades that have not been received by our office. 4) If you have already contacted your instructor and he/she still hasn’t turned your grade in stop by the Registrar’s Office and fill out a missing grade request form.

Graduation Requirements

To be awarded a degree from Spelman College , students must:

1. Be in good standing at the College;
2. Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours;
3. Complete requirements of the General Education Program, including the First Year Orientation Program and Sophomore Assembly;
4. Have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in major courses;
5. Earn a grade of "C" or higher in English Composition;
6. Have a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in cognate classes;
7. Fulfill all College and departmental assessment requirements;
8. Complete a minimum of one year of residency (i.e. a minimum of 32 credit hours at Spelman College );
9. Complete the senior year at the College (Courses may be taken within the Atlanta University Center and the University of Georgia, or other programs and schools approved by the Academic Dean);
10. Fulfill all financial obligations to the College

For additional graduation information click here

Graduation and minor completion

If I do not complete my minor can I graduate?

Yes. IF you are unable to complete all the requirements for your minor you can still graduate providing you have satisfactory completed all your general education and major requirements and have a minimum of 120 hours.

Leave of Absences

A continuing student in good standing without outstanding financial obligations to Spelman may apply for a leave of absence. She may file a petition for a leave of absence by securing the appropriate form from the Registrar’s Office and by obtaining the required signatures.

A leave of absence is granted for a period not to exceed two consecutive semesters.

A student who is on a leave of absence will be eligible to resume her studies at the end of her leave. She must fill out an application for reinstatement form no later than June 30 for the fall semester, and November 30 for the spring semester. A student who fails to apply for an extension of the leave will be considered withdrawn from the College and must reapply through the regular admission procedure.

Please Note:
A student who voluntarily elects to leave the College in good standing is eligible for reinstatement within a maximum of 10 years. (See College Bulletin)

Major/Minor Changes or Declaration

A student wishing to change or declare her major or minor may do so only during the early registration period each semester by securing and completing a major/minor declaration form at the Registrar’s Office.


If you have not changed your Personal Identification Number ( PIN ) it would still be the default number.

To change your PIN , simply log on to Banner Web and follow the instructions there.

There is a security feature that disables your PIN if you log on unsuccessfully more than three times. To enable your PIN you must contact the Help Desk at 404-270-5400.

Pre/Early Registration

Instructions for online preregistration are as follows:

  • Go to www.spelman.edu
  • Click on Registrar
  • Go to Banner Web
  • Select Login to Secure Area
  • In the box labeled User ID, type in your ID number
  • In the box labeled PIN , type in your PIN
  • Select Login
  • Re-enter your PIN
  • Select Login again
  • Go to Student Services and Financial Aid
  • Select Registration
  • Select Term/Semester
  • Go to Add/Drop Classes
  • Enter the five-digit CRN numbers for all of your courses
  • Select Submit Changes
  • If you are successfully registered, a message of Web Registered will appear to far right of each course
  • If you are closed or wait-listed from any course, please make another selection
  • Once you have successfully registered in all of your courses, print 3 (three) copies of your schedule, one for your academic advisor, one for the registrar’s office and, one for your own records.

Readmission to College – Following a Withdrawal/Leave of Absence

tudents who are in good standing and who have taken a leave of absence from the College are eligible to apply for readmission to Spelman by picking up and completing a reinstatement form from the Registrar's Office or downloading the form.

Please Note: Readmission to the College is not guaranteed.

Students with an approved leave of absence will be entitled to re-enroll at the end of the period of leave. When ready to return to the College, she must notify the Registrar’s Office by submitting a reinstatement form by June 30 for the fall term and November 30 for the spring term. If she fails to do so or does not apply for an extension of the leave, she will be considered to withdrawn and must reapply through the regular admission procedure.

Repeating a Course

When students repeat a course, the credit hours earned the first time will be deducted from the total number of graduation hours earned (Earned Hours). The hours attempted and the quality points earned the first time the student completed the course will remain and be calculated as part of the cumulative GPA. A student must fill out a repeat form and submit it to the Registrar's Office.

Summer School Guidelines

Spelman does not conduct a summer school session. Students wishing to earn credit toward graduation requirements through summer study may take summer school courses at an accredited institution if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • Submit an application to the Registrar's Office by the specified deadline. (See academic calendar)
  • Be in good standing
  • Attend an accredited college or university for summer school
  • Receive advance written approval for all summer courses from the chair of her major department and the chairs of corresponding departments for courses outside the major
  • Earn no more than sixteen (16) semester hours toward graduation requirements through summer study during her enrollment at Spelman

Please Note:

  • Summer study approval and/or attendance will not preclude academic probation or academic dismissal
  • Summer study will not affect a student's grade point average or academic standing for the academic year in which summer courses are completed
  • ALL grades received for summer school coursework will be credited toward your Spelman degree without exception

Transcripts (Requesting)

All transcript requests MUST be submitted in writing and bear the student’s signature.

Click here

Verification Letters

Students may obtain verification letters for insurance, scholarships, loans, good standing, grade point average, or graduation. They can do this by completing a verification form and submitting it to the Registrar’s office. Please allow a turnaround time of five business days.

Please Note:
  • If you have a hold on your account please contact the Registrar’s Office
  • If a verification letter is not picked up, it will be discarded after 30 days.

Withdrawal from a Class

To withdraw from class, students must:

  • Pick up and complete a withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office
  • Obtain the signatures from the instructor and the academic advisor
  • Submit the forms to the Office of the Registrar by the appropriate deadline

Students may withdraw from a course with a grade of "W" by the published deadline. After the deadline, a student who withdraws from a course will receive a grade of "F." (See Academic Calendar for Deadlines)

Students who cross register at another institution must abide by the course
withdrawal policy of that institution.

Withdrawal from College

Students wishing to withdraw from the College must secure and complete a withdrawal from College form, get the necessary signatures, and return the form to the Registrar Office.

Students are entitled to withdraw from Spelman providing they are in good standing and have arranged with the business office to discharge outstanding financial obligations in a manner satisfactory to the College.