10/20/14 5:49 AM

Current Students

To Do List

Listed below are some important things that a senior should do as she prepares for graduation. Please add any of your own which you find useful.


In Progress


1. Have I completed and returned my application for graduation to the Registrar's Office?



2. Have I reviewed my record for major and minor courses with my major department chairperson?



3. Have I determined if all core requirements are completed?



4. Have I had all Incompletes "I's" removed and recovered all missing grades from previous semesters?



5. Have I verified all of my summer school credits? Are they recorded on my transcript?



6. Have I verified all Paracurricular, AP, CLEP, exemption and/or internship credits? Are they recorded on my transcript?



7. Have I thoroughly reviewed my transcript to determine its accuracy?



8. Have all of my repeated courses been recorded on my transcript?



9. Have I turned in my commencement confirmation form?
(Will receive during the Spring Semester)



10. Have I satisfied all library fines and obtained a clearance signature? You must go to the Robert W. Woodruff Library to obtain a clearance signature at the desk whether you’ve patronized the Library or not.



11. Have I completed my loan exit interview with Financial Aid and/or Perkins Loan Officer and had my clearance form signed off by the Financial Aid/Perkins Loan Offices?


12. Have I completed the Senior Survey (via the Web) and printed off my confirmation?


Note: All signatures must be completed on the Commencement
Clearance Forms for the form to be accepted by the Registrar’s Office
(Packard Hall –2 nd Floor)

Eng. 103 - Freshman composition - A minimum grade of C is required to pass the course. A grade of C- is not considered a passing grade.

Also, a grade of C- in your major or cognate
course is not considered a passing grade.