10/20/14 9:10 AM

Current Students

Registration Procedures

Officially Registered Students

  • To register officially and to attend classes, each student must:
  • Select courses, and obtain the approval of her academic
  • Complete all required academic and non-academic forms
  • Pay the required fifty percent 50% including room
    and board if applicable 
  • Complete Mandatory Web Check-in
  • A student, who has not fulfilled all financial obligations to the college, including an account balance from the previous semester, will not be permitted to register.

Late Registration

Students who enroll at the College after the designated deadline are charged a late registration fee of $25 each semester.   The College reserves the right to deny a student permission to enroll after the deadline for registration.

Procedure for Dropping and Adding Courses during Registration

  • A student may drop/add courses, change sections, switch from audit to credit, or credit to audit during that period
  • Students may add or drop a course online during the Add/Drop period.
  • If no seats are available, the student must obtain an Add/Drop card from the Registrar’s Office and secure the signatures of the course instructor and major advisor for permission to exceed the class capacity limit.
  • The signed permission to exceed the class capacity limit (override) must be taken to the Office of the Registrar. The office staff must complete the process of adding you to the class.

Schedule Overloads

A student in good academic standing may register for up to 18 credit hours per semester. A student who has earned more than 32 credit hours at Spelman College and has a 2.8 or higher grade point average may request written approval from her academic advisor and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies to register for an overload. The credit hour limit with an overload is 21 hours. This process must be completed by the add/drop deadline.

Procedure for Withdrawing from Courses

A student may withdraw from a course with a grade of “W” by the first Friday in November (fall semester) and the fourth Friday in March (spring semester). After the November and March deadlines, a student who withdraws from a course will receive a grade of “F”.

To withdraw from courses, a student must complete the following process:

  • Obtain a withdrawal form from the Office of the Registrar
  • Consult with her academic advisor
  • Obtain the appropriate signatures
  • Submit the forms to the Office of the Academic Dean by the appropriate deadline (See Academic Calendar)   

A student who cross-registers at another institution must abide by the course withdrawal policy of that institution.

Auditing Fee

Students may audit courses after receiving permission from the Academic Dean and the chairperson of the respective department. Full-time matriculating students may audit without charge. Part-time students and persons not matriculating at the College are required to pay $215 per credit hour.

Early-Registered Courses

To hold your registered courses/classes you must pay at least 50% of the required semester’s fees.   Unsecured courses/classes will be dropped after 6:00 P.M. on the last official day of registration, August 26, 2008 (Fall); January 13, 2009 (Spring).  

Special Stipulations

A. If a student owes a balance to the College from a prior semester, she will not be permitted to register.   In addition, she must pay at least one-half of the current charges to the College either by currency, certified or cashier’s check, draft, money order, and/or by financial aid, excluding Federal Work-Study, to satisfy the enrollment requirement.

B.  Each student must satisfy all financial obligations to the College in accordance with the Deferred Payment Plan in order to:

  • Continue matriculation in the following semester.
  • Apply for or retain campus housing for the following semester in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Housing Contract
  • Participate in all College functions including Founders’ Day and commencement

C.   In accordance with the calendar of the College and pursuant to all policies contained in the Spelman College Bulletin and the Fee Brochure, please remember that the deadline to complete registration (registering for your classes and completing your financial obligations in accordance with College policies) August 26, 2008 (Fall); January 13, 2009 (Spring).  If you do not complete registration and/or fulfill the financial obligations by this date you will not be eligible to continue enrollment for the indicated semester beyond this date.

If you do not meet all of the registration requirements as stated herein by August 27, 2008 (Fall); January 14, 2009 (Spring), you must complete a formal withdrawal notice.   Your student account will be adjusted as outlined in the College Bulletin and Fee Brochure.