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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

College is an exciting time of change and personal growth. Change is often stressful, therefore, the Counseling Department offers professional, and confidential guidance for any emotional or personal issue students may encounter.

We help students cope with and address problems that may interfere with their academic, social, or emotional adjustment to college. Students may explore conflicts that normally arise during their transition into adulthood and womanhood.

Individual Counseling

We offer therapy with individuals, as well as, with a romantic partner, roommate, or family member, when appropriate. Brief counseling may be given to students concerned about roommates or friends.

Group Counseling

Group therapy with a small number of women is also available. Groups tend to be organized around specific topics. We are also open to needs expressed by the college community.

The emphasis of both individual and group treatment is on providing focused intervention and prevention of major mental health problems. Students are eligible for 20 sessions per school year. Additional sessions are left to the professional discretion of the therapist.


We try to serve all students who seek services, but occasionally, a student may need additional resources or may prefer to see a private therapist. In these situations, we can assist with referrals. We maintain a list of community resources and private practitioners.


Workshops, forums, classroom and dorm presentations are available on a variety of topics. These include: stress management, grief, gender issues, male/female relationships, sexual assault, alcohol, and other drug use. Other topics can also be considered.


On request, staff members work with student organizations and faculty/staff to provide consultation service. These services include staff training, teaching stress management, or helping to identify persons experiencing emotional difficulty.


The Counseling Department maintains strict rules of confidentiality, which means information shared between student and counselor cannot be released to anyone, including family members or college personnel without the consent of the student. Exceptions to this rule are when harm could come to the student or another person if confidentiality is maintained and when a student is under age 18. In such cases, the counselor will discuss with the student how communication must be handled.




If you are interested in talking with a counselor, call or come to the Counseling Department in MacVicar Hall between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Ave Marshall

Sandra Porter Administrative Assistant
Fax: 404-270-5297

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Free Services

All services of the Counseling Department are free for Spelman students. Student health insurance can be used for emergency hospitalization and other outside services.

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