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Current Students

Clery Report


Portions of this report are provided in compliance with U.S. Department of Education Rules and Regulations CFR 34, Part 668.46 which is commonly referred to as the Jeanne Clery Act. Paper copies of this report are available upon request from the Spelman College Department of Public Safety, 350 Spelman Lane., SW, Atlanta , GA 30314 , (404)525-6401.

Spelman College requires the Department of Public Safety to compile this report annually, employing the current guidelines established by the US Department of Education. To create this report, statistical data is collected from individuals serving in the positions listed below who have been designated as Campus Security Authorities as defined by the Jeanne Clery Act. In addition, statistical data is requested from the Atlanta Police Department and is obtained from administrators of Atlanta University Center Incorporated, who are responsible for facilities and parking areas defined as Non-Campus Buildings by the Jeanne Clery Act. No student organizations recognized by the College maintain off campus buildings as housing facilities or sites where activities are routinely held. As a result no data is reported for this category.

Students, employees, contractors, vendors and visitors should immediately report any criminal acts that they witness or are the victim of to individuals serving in any of the following positions at the College:

All Public Safety personnel, Vice President of Student Affairs, Associate Dean of Students, all housing and residence life staff including resident assistants and desk aides, Athletic Director, team coaches, Director of Student Activities, and all student organization advisors.

These individuals will route all reports to the Department of Public Safety for documentation and follow-up. In certain instances, this information will be used to generate warning reports to members of the college community, if the incident is one of the acts required to be reported by the Jeanne Clery Act or is deemed to represent a significant danger to the community. Currently, there are no annual processes for including reported crimes. Crime statistics are disclosed on a voluntary, confidential basis.

It is the policy of the College to issue alerts to the college community to advise members of criminal acts or other emergency occurrences on campus or in the immediate vicinity to help prevent similar incidents. The Director of Public Safety and the Chief of Police will determine the need to issue alerts and make recommendations to the Vice Presidents of Student Affairs, and Business and Financial Affairs accordingly. Every attempt possible will be made to issue alerts within twenty-four hours of the reported incident. Criminal acts in each of the categories in the statistical portion of this report shall be prioritized to determine the need for issuing an alert.

Alerts may be distributed via flyers, notices posted on bulletin boards, e-mail, campus mailboxes, or other means deemed effective to communicate the message.   NEXT > >