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Job Network

Jaguar Jobs

Welcome to Jaguar Jobs! Jaguar Jobs is a one stop shop for your employment needs. Whether it's a part-time job, full-time job, campus job, or internship; Jaguar Jobs is here to keep Spelman women employed. Check out the sites below to begin your journey toward the world of the gainfully employed.

ArtJob is the source for professional opportunities and career information in all areas of the arts, including: visual arts, arts nonprofits, performing arts, commercial art and design firms, film, public arts agencies, academic arts positions, galleries, internships, fellowships, conferences, commissions and more.

CareSafe and simple way to find opportunities as babysitters, nannies, senior care providers, pet sitters, and more.

Student Employment Database
Looking for on-campus work while you are in school? The new student employment database is the place to go.

Action Without Borders
The best Nonprofit Career Center on the web, with hundreds of job and internship listings. Over 56,000 nonprofit and community organizations in 165 countries, which you can search or browse by name, location, or mission.

Experience.com is the Web-based tool used by the College to coordinate the on-campus recruiting efforts of organizations representing corporate, non-profit and government agencies. Students can access the recruiting calendar for any given month, sign up electronically for interview schedules, research company profiles, and search for jobs and internships. Students may obtain a user name and password to access the site by registering with the Office of Career Planning and Development.


JagTrak is powered by Monster.com. It contains thousands of full-time jobs, part-time jobs, internships and summer jobs that have been particularly earmarked for Spelman students and alumnae. It is updated twice daily. Students may obtain a password to access the site by registering with the Office of Career Planning and Development.


BOOKJOBS.COM gathers together entry-level job offerings from nearly 300 publishers; provides information on the types of publishers and the departments within them; and can even help match college majors and particular jobs in publishing. Whether your major is English or business, science or art history, book publishing may be the industry for you.

The official teacher recruitment Web site for Georgia 's public schools lists over 900 active jobs, TeachGeorgia has the most comprehensive list of teaching, administrative, and service personnel positions available across the state.


Internships-USA is the largest internship website on the web. Internships are listed in 14 publications in areas such as media, sports, advertising, history, international affairs and women's rights to name a few. Students may obtain a user name and password to access the site by registering with the Office of Career Planning and Development.

Snag-A-Job.com is the nation's leading part-time and hourly job site listing more than 50,000 part-time and hourly jobs in all industries across the country. No user name or password required.


Current Jobs for Graduates (graduatesjobs.com)
Current Jobs for Graduates bulletins provide fresh, entry level job vacancies in the often overlooked fields of liberal arts and the arts and humanities. Each monthly or semi-monthly issue contains over 100 current vacancies, all listings including employer contact information for direct application without any middlem involvement. Whether you've just graduated, have a couple of years of experience under your belt, or a seasoned professional looking to switch careers, Current Jobs will help you find a position in your liberal arts field. Students and alumnae wishing to access the site may obtain a user name and password by contacting the Office of Career Planning and Development.


Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) is the nation’s premiere summer internship program for talented students of color leading to full-time job offers. Since its inception, SEO’s Career Program has placed over 3,500 Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian and Native American students in internships that lead to opportunities in exciting and rewarding careers in the most competitive industries worldwide. Internship opportunities include accounting, asset management, corporate law, information technology, investment banking, management consulting and philanthropy. Applicants should be currently enrolled juniors.


INROADS is an organization that seeks to increase business career opportunities and knowledge for the best ethnically diverse students , while giving corporations the opportunity to develop diverse managerial talent. In response to the growing demand from business for talented, qualified , diverse employees , INROADS was established to identify interested, capable high school, college and university students who would pursue business, engineering, computer and information sciences, sales, marketing, allied health care, healthcare management, and retail management careers. Currently enrolled freshmen, sophomores and juniors may apply.