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Admitted Students

As you explore this area, you'll find everything you need to know about applying to Spelman -- an incredible place to learn, grow and develop.

How to Apply

Important dates to know:

Application Type

Application Received by

Response Given by

Early Decision

November 1

December 15

Early Action

November 15

December 31

Regular Decision (Fall)

February 1

April 1

Transfer (Fall)

April 1

May 1

Regular Decision (Spring)
November 1
December 1

Transfer (Spring)

November 1

December 1

Use the Common Application to Apply Online Now

When completing the online application, remember:

  1. Do not use all upper case or lower case letters to complete the information request or application
  2. If you do not have a social security number, please leave the field blank
  3. When entering your telephone number, please enter your area code in the first section and the last seven numbers in the second section of the telephone field


2011-2012 New First Time Admitted Class Profile
As of August 30, 2011

Total Applications


Total Number of Admitted Students


Admit rate


Expected Enrollment


Average ACT


Average SAT (CR + M)


Average GPA


New First Time Students who are Spelman Legacies


Top Five Majors



Political Science



Top Five States


New York




Top Foreign Countries



Rwanda and Jamaica (tied)

    China and Ghana (tied)


Most students admitted to Spelman have taken three to four years of study in the five major subject areas of English, history/social studies, foreign language, science and mathematics, and many have enrolled in the highest level of courses in their high school, such as Honors, Advanced Placement, or International Baccalaureate courses. Academic performance is one of the most important factors considered in the admission decision.


Admission for first-year students
If you are a first-year student applying for admission to Spelman College, you'll need to make sure the following items are submitted:

  1. Your completed application, either printed or submitted online
  2. A $35 nonrefundable paper application fee or a $25 nonrefundable online application fee
  3. High school transcripts in a sealed envelope, forwarded from your high school guidance office
  4. Your personal essay
  5. SAT I or ACT scores, forwarded from the Educational Testing Service or the ACT Reporting Service
  6. Two letters of recommendation. If you apply online, remember to print and complete the counselor and teacher recommendation forms

All materials should be sent to the Office of Admissions and postmarked by the appropriate deadlines.

Send application materials to:
Spelman College
Office of Admissions
350 Spelman Lane S.W., Box 277
Atlanta, GA 30314-4399
Phone: (404) 270-5193
(800) 982-2411

Other Admission

Early decision
This plan is a binding plan and is best suited for the student who has decided early in the college search process that Spelman College is clearly her first choice. Applicants are admitted to Spelman College by December 15 of their senior year and agree not to be an Early Decision candidate at any other college. If accepted by Spelman College, she will withdraw her application from all other colleges or universities.

Early notification
This plan allows academically outstanding high school students to apply and be admitted to Spelman College by December 31 of their senior year. This is a non-binding plan. Students who are admitted are not required to enroll at Spelman.


Regular decision
Most applicants who apply regular decision to Spelman College exceed Spelman's admission requirements. Admission is selective and competitive.


International applicants
In addition to the general admission requirements, international
students applying for admission to Spelman College should present a school-leaving certificate, and those whose native
language is not English should take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and submit the scores to the Office of Admission.

International applicants must also demonstrate the ability to fulfill the financial obligations associated with matriculation in their
college program. Financial assistance at Spelman for foreign applicants is limited.


Transfer admission eligibility
Transfer admission to Spelman is selective and students applying must have earned fewer than 60 semester hours or the equivalent at their previous institutions. Applicants must be in good standing and eligible to return to their previous institutions. With your application for admission, please include the $25 online application fee or the $35 paper application fee, an official copy of your high school transcript and an official transcript from each post-secondary school attended, two recommendations from instructors, and your SAT or ACT scores, if transferring with less than 30 credits.


Guest applicants
A student in good standing with sophomore or higher status at another accredited college who wishes to earn Spelman credits towards a degree at the home institution may apply as a transfer student to Spelman College. Permission for enrollment and a schedule of proposed courses should be obtained by the home institution in order for the student to apply at Spelman College. Students may apply for a period of one semester or one year. The Academic Dean of Spelman College must approve any period of study longer than one year.


Joint enrollment
Qualified high school seniors may enroll in first-year courses at Spelman while also enrolled at an Atlanta public high school.

During the eleventh grade, students may apply for the program by contacting the Spelman College Director of Admissions and their high school counselor to receive an application and a counselor recommendation.

Students must meet the criteria set by the Atlanta Board of Education and the State Department in order to be admitted to the program. They must also submit SAT I or ACT scores, current official high school transcripts, two references from teachers, and a recommendation from their high school guidance counselor. All materials should be sent to the Office of Admissions by January 15 of your junior year in high school.


Home-schooled applicants
Home-schooled students are required to take the SAT II subject tests in addition to the SAT I or ACT. If the student has spent any time in high school or college a transcript is required, regardless of how much time the applicant spent in school.

You can apply either through the traditional paper application or via the Internet using the Spelman Application, or Common Application.


Re-open applications
Students who wish to re-open their application file must request a re-open application and forward any transcripts from any other colleges or universities attended since applying for admission to Spelman College to the Office of Admissions. Files are held for one year from the date that the student originally applied for admission to Spelman College.


Readmission to Spelman
Any student who has been dismissed from the College for failure to maintain the required 2.0 minimum GPA must apply for readmission. To be eligible for readmission, you must have completed a leave of absence of at least two consecutive semesters, completed at least four liberal arts courses at an accredited institution with a grade of "C" or better in each course, and fulfilled any other requirements that the Academic Review Committee establishes. If a student has been dismissed from Spelman more than once for failing to meet the academic requirements, she may not apply for readmission.


Military applicants
Military applicants should follow instructions for first-year applicants unless they have attended a college or university, in which case they should apply for transfer admission.

Use the Common Application to Apply Online Now