04/16/14 3:13 PM

Prospective Students

Online Application Instructions

Login and Password Access

The online application is a secure document, so you will be asked to create a username and password. The login system is case sensitive, so you will need to enter the information exactly as it was created.

You should write down your information and keep it in a secure place for future reference. The login credentials will be used whenever you need to access the application to update or review its contents before submission.

The username and password will also be used to check the status of your application online at www.spelman.edu/appstatus

For security reasons, the system will deny access to your account after three (3) consecutive incorrect login attempts.

If you are denied access, or need to retrieve your username and password, you should submit a written request at admissions@spelman.edu, or call us at 404.270.5192.

The guardian form is a form that you can’t recheck. Please enter your parent information. Certain information defaults when you enter a new parent. Correct that information and proceed to the next form.

Each time you recheck it, the information defaults. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at admissions@spelman.edu, or 404.270.5192.

Application Confirmation
A two-step process is required to successfully transmit your online application to the Office of Admissions for review.

1) When you have completed all sections of the online application, you must select the “Application is Complete” button. This action will move you to the application fee payment screen.
2) Select your payment option (see Application Fee Payment section below).

You will immediately receive a personalized confirmation page. Please print out this form or save it for your records. It will include additional information to assist you in completing the admission process.

A detailed confirmation notice and your unique Spelman ID number will be mailed to you within three (3) weeks of submitting the online application. This ID number will be used throughout the process and will aid you in tracking the progress of your application file. Once you receive this information, you will be able to check the status of your application online.

Application Fee Payment

The non-refundable $25 fee is required to process an online application for admission. You can submit the online application without the payment, but it cannot be reviewed for an admission decision until the payment is received in the Office of Admissions.

If you elect to pay this fee after submitting the online application, you will need to send the payment by mail. You will not be able to go back into the online application to pay the fee. The payment can be in the form of a check, money order, or official application fee waiver (College Board or NACAC). Your payment, or the signed waiver form, should be submitted along with your full name and date of birth to ensure proper matching to your application file.

Supplemental Materials/Supporting Documents

In addition to your online application, the following documents are required for new first-time (freshman) applicants to complete an application for admission:

  • Guidance Counselor Letter of Recommendation
  • Teacher Letter of Recommendation
  • Official Copy of SAT or ACT Scores
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Student Resume (optional)

NOTE: A complete list of required documents for other applicant categories can be accessed in the General Instructions section.
It is recommended that you mail the required documents in one package to the following address:

Spelman College
Office of Admissions
350 Spelman Lane
Campus Box 277
Atlanta, GA 30314

Previous Applicants

You should only have one active application on file for any term of enrollment. If you have submitted an application for admission within the last twelve (12) months, you should not create a new online application. Instead, you should submit a written request for your file to be reopened. You will be contacted by our office to confirm the request and to notify you of additional information that may be required.