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To be eligible to receive financial aid, you must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Obtaining a copy of this application is as easy as visiting www.fafsa.ed.gov. Students should begin this process early in the spring semester, as financial aid funds are limited. Spelman accepts applications after January 1st.

Financial Aid at Spelman
The Office of Student Financial Services is pleased to announce that you are now able to securely review your Financial Aid Award Letters for online. Your student username and password is needed to access the award information.

From the electronic award letter, you will be able to obtain helpful information about financial aid, apply for loans, access financial aid documents, and approve or decline your awards.

Since the approval of the award will be done electronically, it will not be necessary to print the award letter and return it to our office. Once you have reviewed the award, click on the "Submit" button. To access your award file and information, click here.

The Office of Student Financial Services at Spelman College exists to assist students in finding ways to finance their college education. Since the majority of funds administered by Spelman College’s Office of Student Financial Services come from federal and state sources, Spelman College has adopted the same philosophy for awarding aid as the Department of Education.

That is, it is the parent's responsibility to finance their child's education to the extent possible. Spelman College will attempt to provide financial assistance to those families who have been determined eligible based on the formula approved by Congress and used by the Department of Education. Spelman College will provide informational resources to all students and families regardless of eligibility (link to "How Financial Aid Eligibility Is Determined"). Such resources will enable parents and students to seek sources of financial aid outside of the institution.

At Spelman College, we value our students and are committed to making your education affordable. In addition to state and federal funds, the College invests from our own resources in support of financial aid programs to ensure that we attract students of high caliber who will enrich campus life with their academic and co-curricular achievements, and interests.

Last year, over eighty-five percent (85%) of our students received some form of financial assistance to support their enrollment and success. Regardless of your family income, there are programs available to help finance the cost of your education.

Students interested in applying for aid should first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in paper form or electronically using the FAFSA. Indicate on the FAFSA form, Section H, "Releases and Signatures", that you plan to attend Spelman College. Spelman College's Title IV Code is "001594".

Items of Importance

  1. The FAFSA or the Renewal Application can be completed when the appropriate tax forms are filed. Students will receive a pin number upon completion of these forms and can then electronically access and sign the FAFSA or Renewal Application on the Web, make corrections, and view both their status and financial aid history.
  2. The Student Aid Report (SAR), which holds all of your financial information, will be distributed to the specific schools listed on your FAFSA. Your personal copy of the SAR will arrive by mail in approximately four weeks.
  3. Spelman's school code is 001594. This code must be entered on the application in order for our office to receive your SAR report.
  4. Pins will be automatically mailed to Web applicants. Parents can obtain an electronic pin.  Anyone without a pin can receive one by visiting www.pin.ed.gov.
  5. Other documents, such as federal tax returns and W-2 forms for students and parents, birth certificates, military discharges, etc. may be required for some students. Please submit requested documents as soon as possible, but do not submit such documents unless indicated by our financial aid office.


  • Priority Deadline is February 1
  • Apply early, and receive Priority Treatment by completing your financial aid files before February 1st (on a first come, first serve basis)!
  • Documentation submitted after the specified time periods will be accepted, but eligibility for aid may not be determined before fees are due. In this case, you will be responsible for paying your fees. Students who do not have their financial aid files completed before registration must be prepared to pay their own fees.

Awarding procedures

  1. The student submits all required documents to the financial aid office.
  2. The Financial Aid office will review the student files for accuracy and completeness.
    A complete file consists of: a signed FAFSA or Electronic SAR, admittance to college as a regular student, and all other document requested by the Financial Aid Office (tax returns, birth certificates, etc.)

    The following are PDF files:

    2012-2013 Verification Worksheet

    You may fax the forms to the Financial Aid Office
    at (404) 270-5220

  3. Students who must submit additional information or make corrections will be sent a letter explaining the necessary steps to making their files complete.
  4. Students whose files are accurate and complete will be sent an Award Letter explaining the types and amounts of aid they are eligible to receive, as well as directions concerning how the aid will be distributed.
  5. All students must have completed a FAFSA form in order to receive a Stafford Student Loan. The FAFSA is not needed for the Parent PLUS Loan and Private loans.
  6. Loans are electronically transmitted to the lender; the lender will send the "Master Promissory Note" (MPN) to the student and/or parent. Please complete, sign, and mail it back to the agency (lender).
  7. Students and/or parents obtaining loans from an outside lending agency must contact those agencies for applications, school certification forms, and promissory notes.
  8. Loan funds are sent to the school, via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the student's account. The lender will not disburse any loan funds without a complete and signed MPN.
  9. If additional scholarship funds come in after award/disbursement of funds, those awards may be adjusted (i.e. reduced or taken away) to prevent an over-award situation
  10. Award letters are printed in batch and mailed every week.

Paying fees

Students are required to pay at least 50% of the cost for each semester. Financial aid may be used to help students achieve their requirement of 50%. If students register for classes, but fail to meet their 50% payment by the required deadline, their classes will be dropped.

Helpful tips

  1. Those students, who complete the financial aid package early, will have a better chance of receiving a more attractive aid package. The Priority Deadline is February 1st.
  2. Verify that your SAR has been received by Spelman's Financial Aid Office. Sending out the application does not complete your file. Call within 4 to 6 weeks if the application was mailed, and 2 to 3 weeks if it was submitted electronically.
  3. Make a copy of everything you submit. Keep a folder with all copied materials, instructions, applications, and notifications.
  4. Reply promptly to a request for additional information, even if you think the information has already been provided.
  5. Make sure the appropriate Spelman ID Numbers are on all of your applications. If the name on the FAFSA and your Social Security Card do not match--the application will not be processed.
  6. Be sure that ALL required signatures appear on all applications, and always use your full legal name.
  7. Read all printed material. If you do not understand something, call the Office of Student Financial Aid.
  8. Request a signature on all mail that you are sending overnight.

Need help in understanding your financial aid package? Looking for a source of additional scholarship funds? This office has a wealth of information. Contact us at (404) 270-5212 Office location: Packard Hall, 1st floor.

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