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Current Students

Sexual Assault Awareness,
Prevention and Advocacy

At Spelman, we believe that every woman has the right to be healthy and safe and that our community should be characterized by mutual trust and respect among all members. Although the Spelman community is a relatively safe one, our community members are not immune to issues of sexual assault and violence. The National Institute of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics provide a pretty startling picture with regards
to sexual assault.

  • Every two and a half minutes, someone is
    sexually assaulted in the United States
  • One in six U.S. women has been the victim
    of sexual assault
  • Approximately 44% of rape victims are under
    18 years of age
  • Approximately 80% of rape victims are under
    30 years of age
  • The majority of rapes are committed by someone
    whom the victim knows. In a 2001 study of college women who had been victims of sexual assault,
    nearly 90% of victims knew the offender, who was
    usually a classmate, boyfriend, friend, ex-boyfriend
    or acquaintance
  • More than half of all sexual assaults go unreported

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing resources to promote sexual assault awareness and prevention and to provide support to students who have experienced sexual assault.

Throughout the year, the Division sponsors a number of educational workshops and programs designed to raise awareness about sexual assault. The Division strives to implement policies and practices that support our students.

We strongly encourage students who have been sexually victimized to report the assault, to seek medical and counseling assistance, and to pursue police/criminal justice action for their own protection and that of the entire campus community.

  1. What is Sexual Assault? How
    Do I Know If I Have Been Raped?

  2. What Do I Do if I Have Been Raped?

  3. How Do I Help a Friend Who
    Has Been Sexually Assaulted?

  4. What are Tips to Prevent
    Acquaintance Rape (Date Rape)?

  5. What is Spelman College's
    Sexual Assault Policy?

  6. What are Spelman College's
    Sexual Assault Resources?

  7. What Other Community
    Resources are Available?



Spelman Sexual Assault Helpline (678) 873-5884

Counseling Services
(404) 270-5293

Women’s Health Clinic (Student Health Services)
(404) 270-5247

Dean of Students
(404) 270-5133

Department of Public Safety
(404) 270-5328

Sisters Chapel (404) 270-5729

Grady Rape Crisis Center
(404) 616-7407