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Office of Student Life & Engagement

"Contributing to the growth of the whole Spelman woman through creative and enriching activities"

This is how you always dreamed college would be:
An exciting, world-class education in an exciting, world-class city. Where a school day might start with an outdoors discussion of international economic policy and wrap up on the beautiful Spelman Oval. A place where Homecoming week generates over 10,000 visitors to the AUC.

This is Spelman College. This is the good life.

As a student, you'll be busy, but the best kind of busy. Busy trying to squeeze in a trip for community service with the Bonner Office or between planning your organization's meeting and attending your roommate's art opening. With more than 70 student clubs and organizations, there is no better place to meet new people, try new things, and get involved.

Our students are also dedicated to service. Sign up for Up Til Dawn (St. Judes Hospital) Community Service Group, Class Council, a civic engagement organization. Members of the sororities on campus spend serious time volunteering with community groups when they’re not planning for their sorority events.

College is a great place to meet people with similar backgrounds or hang out with a whole new crowd. Whatever your preference, we have dozens of religious, international, and multicultural organizations to serve our diverse Spelman student body.
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Location: We are located in the Manley Student Center, Upper Level, Room 201.

The mission of the office of Student Life and Engagement is to enhance the college academic experience through co-curricular engagement opportunities, which contribute to students’ educational mission, leadership potential, personal growth, and global understanding.

Programmatic Areas
The programmatic areas include the student Government association, Programming Board, Greek Life, Student Media, Miss Spelman & Court, student Affairs Global Experience (S.A.G.E), and student organization Administration. We support the college’s mission through the provision of co-curricular programs, leadership development opportunities, and by providing exposure to various domestic and international cultural diversity experiences for Spelman students.

Programming is developed from holistic and experiential approach and includes multicultural, diversity and cultural programs, community service, social justice and empowerment initiatives, and personal, social, and interpersonal development programs. The campus community is introduced to historical information about the cultural artifacts, customs, native food, and dance. Community and national leaders are brought on campus to enhance the educational experience of our students and to augment faculty teaching.

Cultural Immersion
We also provide a cultural immersion experience for our students. The (SAGE) program annually provides opportunities in International Diaspora that allow students to gain new insights on global issues. This global program is under the direction of the office of Student Life & Engagement and the Vice-President for Student Affairs at Spelman. We have raveled with an average of 80 students per trip to Japan, Egypt, Rome, Paris, London, and Senegal, West Africa. We conduct an electronic pre-survey to investigate the student’s knowledge of the culture and expectations of the global experience. Post-surveys are also conducted to measure what the student has learned and to gather recommendations for future programs.

Student Leadership
Student Life & Engagement provides leadership training programs such as the leadership Training Institute and Transition retreat for student leaders, P.U.L.S.E. Programming Board Members, and Student Government Association Leaders. Students are encouraged to get involved with student and other campus organizations. In addition, Students attend National Conferences to gain exposure to various organizations, leadership, and other professional development opportunities that will support their personal growth and development.

A variety of assessment tools are used to help us evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our programs and services. They include a Customer Service Survey for office of Student Life, Competency Guide for College Student Leaders, Multicultural Competency Survey, and general program evaluations after each activity/event.

Student leaders involved in campus activities learn the process and skills of effective leadership, and apply specific leadership skills to various campus and community activities, programs, service and projects. The data is used to determine future programming and budget priorities.

Get Involved!
Join a club or team, take in a performance or comedy show, or just join in! For a full list of organizations, please click here.

Interested in starting your own organization?
If you interested in chartering a new organization, there is a New Student Organization Process in the Spring semester of each Academic Year. The deadline to charter a new organization is April 15th. We encourage you to check out our listing of Registered Student Organizations first to ensure that your desired group is not already in existence.




We are located in the Manley Student Center Room 201.  If you are a vendor looking to sign up for Market Friday, please visit the Student Government Office in Room 106, Lower Manley Student Center.