Wavelets Symposium
AAAS AMSIE, February, 1998, Philadelphia

At the American Association for Advancement of Science's Annual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition, in Philadelphia, 12-17th February 1998, there were several symposia of particular interest to mathematicians.

On Tuesday, 17th February 1998, a half-day (three hour) wavelet symposium entitled Wavelets: The Latest Big Splash in Science, Engineering, Imaging and Graphics, co-chaired with Farid Dowla of Livermore Lab, was held.

This symposium introduced the mathematical basics, and then presented state-of-the-art applications in four main areas: signal processing, data and communication technology, computer graphics and biomedical imaging. Many of these applications cross discipline boundaries, and serve to reinforce the unifying nature of some of the best of today's research.

For the handout distributed at the symposium, including an extensive bibliography, click here.

The speakers were:

Gilbert Strang, MIT, "An Introduction to Wavelets"

Bjorn Jawerth, Summus Ltd. and University of South Carolina, "Let your Wavelets do the Walking...An Introduction to Imaging and Information Access"

co-organizer Farid Dowla, "The Wavelet Transform: The Natural Algorithm in Seismic Signal Analysis"

Dennis M. Healy Jr., DARPA and Dartmouth College, "Adapted Wavelets in Medicine and Biology: Examples from Imaging, Signal Processing, and Molecular Structure Computations" and

Adam Finkelstein, Princeton University, "Wavelets in Computer Graphics: The Color, Size and Shape of Things".

Again, for the handouts distributed at the symposium, including an extensive bibliography, click here.

(Advance information on all of the mathematics symposia offered at AAAS in February 1998 appeared in MAA Online.)

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