Alex Rosenberg

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Alex Rosenberg died October 27, 2007 in Schwerte, Germany, his home for the last decade. He was born in Berlin, Germany, December 5, 1926. His family fled Germany in August 1939, first to Les-Plans-Sur- Bex, Switzerland, where they stayed for almost a year. After a brief stay in England, the family resettled in Ontario. Alex studied at the University of Toronto. He earned a BA (Math/ Physics) in 1948, and stayed on for an MA in 1949. Moving to the University of Chicago for his further graduate study, Rosenberg obtained his PhD 1951, under the supervision of Irving Kaplansky. In 1961, he joined the faculty at Cornell University as professor of mathematics, and remained there for a quarter of a century. He was Chairman of the Department from 1966-69, when it was at its largest. Later, in 1986, he moved to UC, Santa Barbara as Chair of the Department of Mathematics. A few years after his retirement in 1994, he moved back to Germany where he lived until his death.

Rosenberg made fundamental contributions to algebra by applying newly developed homological techniques to Galois theory and quadratic forms as well as to other areas. He was also an active member of the mathematical community holding many important posts in both the AMS and MAA leadership, including serving as editor of the Proceedings of the AMS (1960-65).

Alex Rosenberg, whose occasionally gruff manner masked his wit, kindness, and generosity, was a major figure in the post WWII US mathematical community whose wise counsel was crucial to mathematics in the US.

Colm Mulcahy & Lance Small

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