Errata for Math Mag wavelets paper

"Plotting and Scheming with Wavelets" appeared in Mathematics Magazine (Vol 69, No 5, December 1996, 323-343), but unfortunately contained three minor errors, which Eugene Lee at SGI spotted and was kind enough to alert us to.

On page 336, about 8 lines down, the phrase "Certainly...; in fact we have" should instead read "We have" only. The W_i subspaces are not nested!

Similarly, near the beginning of page 338, the phrase "This gives rise to... and for any j" should instead read "For any j".

Finally, on page 341, in line 7 replace "f(2^{j}x)" by "f(2^{-j}x)".

The good news is that these errors have no bearing on anything else in the paper.

For a (hopefully) error-free pdf, click here.

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